As food is a regular expense, we’re all looking to cut costs wherever possible. The good news is there are plenty of simple ways to save money on food if you’re prepared to put in a bit of effort.


Plan Your Meals

As they say, ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’. If you plan your meals in advance you will not only save money but will feel more organised and prepared. You can get a simple meal planner that you stick up on the wall or you could get a whiteboard. Write down items that you need as you along through the week, this can form part of your shopping list. Just take a photo of the list to take with you to the shops to save you writing the whole thing out again.



Schedule Your Shop

Designate a day of the week when you will go shopping. Or put your online shopping order in at regular intervals. This is a good way to keep organised and to avoid running out of food and having to resort to getting a takeaway. Try to avoid going shopping when you’re hungry or you will be tempted to buy everything.


Cook at Home

Cooking fresh meals at home is cheaper than eating out or buying ready-made meals. They are also a much healthier option too. You could bulk make meals and stick them in the freezer to use up ingredients and save time. Make ‘fakeaway’ meals to avoid spending money on expensive takeaways. You could get some easy items such as a frozen pizza or burgers for when you can’t be bothered to cook. Make smoothies and ice lollies at home for a treat in the summer.



Look For Offers

You can use cashback apps like Shopmium where you can get cashback on items or even get them for free. There are both offers in-store and online so check the app regularly. Shoppix is an app where you can get points that can be exchanged for cash just by snapping your receipts. It only takes a moment to take a photo of your receipt and it all adds up. You can also look for discounted food in-store in the yellow sticker aisle. Different shops put their items on sale at different times so get to know what time your local stores start discounting food. Also, check out other offers available and you could buy in bulk if you see a good deal.


Eating Out

If you fancy having a night off from cooking you can still save money on your grub. Always check to see if there are coupon codes available. Pizza Express, for example, are well known for having regular 2 for 1 discounts. Remember that you can get tap water for free instead of paying for bottled water. If you don’t finish your food ask for a box to take the rest home with you, it’s only going to go in the bin otherwise. Skip dessert as they are often so overpriced, pick up one from the supermarket on your way home instead. To save money on a takeaway you could split the main course between 2 people or save half for the next day.