November is here and that can only mean one thing – Christmas prep! For some people, it may be way too early to even think about Christmas but with the crazy couple of years that we have had, it’s nice to a least be a little prepared.

Personally, I love Christmas and all of the festivities so I am happy to start planning it now! No matter what budget you are working with there is no reason why you can’t have a wonderful fun-filled time. Be sure to set a budget in advance though and stick with it. If you plan ideas in plenty of time it helps to avoid that last-minute panic where we have a tendency to overspend.

DIY Ideas

There are lots of ways to add DIY touches to your Christmas entertainment and it doesn’t have to take a lot of skill. A great way is to make your own Christmas crackers. Crackers make the table look so much more festive and it’s a little encouragement to have after-dinner conversations. It’s not hard to make your own. You can get a cracker kit where you have all the bits and pieces, like the hat and snap, and just add your own gift. Or you can create them completely from scratch. The great thing about making your own crackers is you can add your own little gifts that can be tailored to the recipient. It also helps to avoid sending all those useless plastic toys to landfills too!



Is it even Christmas without playing games? Not in our house. Yes it may lead to squabbles but it’s tradition, isn’t it? After the Christmas meal, we often feel a bit sluggish so what better way to revive everyone with some games. You can pop to your local charity shop and pick up some board games for cheap or you can go online and have access to literally hundreds of free games that will suit everyone’s taste.

I love traditional board games such as Monopoly and The Game of Life. But I also really enjoy playing card games online. This Christmas version of Solitaire is perfect to keep in the spirit of Christmas.



If you fancy something different, you can play games such as Hidden Numbers. I like the Medieval Castle version as it has a Harry Potter vibe that fits with the Christmassy feel. It seems simple at first but it can be quite challenging to find all the numbers. You can always get some clues if you need to.



What I love about playing games is that they can be a group activity that everyone can get involved in together or something you can do on your own. Christmas can get quite hectic so it’s nice to just have a moment to yourself.


See The Lights

Sometimes we just need to get out of the house. Again, it doesn’t need to be an expensive affair. Christmas provides lots of wonderful opportunities for enjoying the festivities for free. You could have a wander around your neighbourhood (or another one!) where you know they’ll be lots of cool decorations, lights, and things to see. You could take a hot chocolate out with you in a reusable cup if you’re on a tight budget. Or you could combine it with a trip out for a meal. There are lots of places where you can pop in for cheap food like Wetherspoons and Hungry Horse and they have plenty of options.


Visit Local Venues

Check out your local independent cinema or theatre if you are lucky enough to have one. Local cinemas often have tickets under £5 and you can get little theatre tickets and amateur plays for a snip too. These small venues are often run with volunteers or with tiny budgets so you will be helping to support your local community too. Win-win.



These are just a few of the things you can do at Christmas on a budget. There are so many other possibilities if you think out of the box. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Get creative and think about how you want your Christmas to look and feel like. And enjoy all of the little things that the season brings!