I love finding free stuff to do and now that we are heading into autumn, I’m starting to think of things that can be done at home. If you like to enjoy the cosiness of home while still having fun, then you will love these free things that you can do from your sofa (or bed!).


Free TV and Movies

We are lucky to live in an age now where we can watch literally anything at the touch of a button. No more being stuck with just the 4 TV channels like we used to be. I’m not sure we’d cope anymore, oh the horror! You can sign up for free trials such as Now TV, Netflix, and Amazon for loads of TV shows and movies. I love the classics like The Thin Blue Line and Keeping Up Appearances that can be found on Amazon Prime and BritBox. Don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to continue after the trial ends. Sometimes you may get a sweet deal as I did recently for £2.99 a month for 4 months on Now TV.


Free games

Playing games is a great form of entertainment and a super way to switch off. And we’re not talking about board games even though we love those too! No were talking about online games. I used to be obsessed with Tetris on the Gameboy when I was a kid and would play it for hours. I bet you’re hearing the sound effects now aren’t you? Now we don’t need consoles to enjoy great games as we can just go online.

Plays.org has hundreds of online games to choose from. My favourites are Tetra Blocks, which is just like Tetris and good old Solitaire. You can easily play Tetra Blocks using the arrows of your keypad; up moves the block around and the left and right changes the direction. If you are a bit impatient like me, you can use the spacebar to force the block down. What level will you get up to?


Learn for free

Learning has never been easier in the age of the internet. We are literally spoiled for choice now with so much free information out there, from cooking to coding. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning just about anything. Plus it’s great for people that have more of a visual brain. I know I find it much easier to learn something if I can see someone actually doing it. There are many other sources of free information out there such as free courses on platforms such as Alison. If you’re looking for a specific course just Google it and see what comes up.


Read for free

Your local library is a great source of free books. But you don’t even need to set foot in a library to read a book. All you need is your local library app such as Overdrive or Libby and you can access thousands of free books on your e-reader.  There’s something out there for everyone whether fiction or non-fiction is your bag. Immerse yourself in another world for a while and get stuck into someone else’s story.



The great thing about all these free forms of entertainment is how portable they are! No lugging around great big books or board games anymore, you can literally take these anywhere that has an internet connection. So, if you are going away for the weekend and fancy something to do for an evening then you are all sorted. Plus, you can enjoy all these things with others. So, grab some nibbles, get settled, and try and beat each other’s scores on Tetra Blocks!

Note: This is a paid collaboration