If you have a certain skill chances are someone is willing to pay for it. More and more businesses are going online now and companies are required to have some kind of online presence.


Writing Online

Writing online is a great side hustle because you don’t need much to get started. You just need a laptop, an internet connection and enjoyment for writing. You can get started on content mills, although the rates of pay are particularly low. People Per Hour, Fiverr and Pro Blogger all have writing opportunities. If writing online is something that you want to take seriously you may want to consider setting up a website to showcase your writing skills to use as your portfolio. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have an eagerness to learn and research a particular topic.



Designing Websites

If you have a good eye for design and are technologically savvy then designing websites is a great way to make some extra cash. Making websites is a lot easier than it used to be as you no longer need to be a whizz with HTML code. Even so, there are still many businesses that do not have any online presence. You could find local businesses that need a website and offer to build one for them.


Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance can be anything from taking on admin tasks to social media management. It can be a great way to get to know an industry you are interested in working in. Virtual assistants are often a vital part of a business and allow busy entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners to work on their key strengths so they can move their business forward.



Social Media Management

Many businesses and entrepreneurs want a social media presence. As we all know it can be a huge time suck and sometimes not the most productive use of time. This is where someone may outsource their social media requirements to you. If you enjoy using social media and have experience on most of the platforms then this may be a good fit. You may be taking care of all of the social media needs for a business. Or you could even niche down your services further by just providing graphics or expertise for one platform, such as Pinterest or Instagram.


How To Get Started

Decide what service you would like to offer. If you already have skills and expertise in your chosen field you may be able to get going straight away and make a good income from the get-go. Look at job boards such as People Per Hour and Fiverr to see what kinds of services are selling. If you need to improve your skills or even learn a new skill entirely, look at learning from Youtube videos or take a small course to get more confidence. As you can see, many of these opportunities have the potential to become much more than a bit of extra pocket money and could be the beginning of a whole new career for you.