Making money blogging is not a quick way to make money. It requires consistent effort over a long period of time to become successful and to start to see any income. That being said, if you have a certain passion and like writing, and the whole business of blogging, then it can be a really fulfilling endeavour.


What To Blog About

You will need to decide what you want your blog to be about. Think about what you love talking about or what passions you have. You can create a lifestyle blog that has lots of different topics or you could create a more niche blog such as your tips on re-selling for a profit. Whatever you decide make sure that you are happy talking about this topic for some time otherwise you won’t be motivated to work on it when you don’t see results. If you’re not 100% sure about your niche consider buying a domain that has some flexibility for you to change the content.



How To Set Up Your Blog

After you have purchased your domain you will need to set up your website. First, you will need to purchase hosting from a company such as Blue Host or Siteground. You can find some good deals if you purchase a year or a few years in advance. Once you have your hosting and have installed WordPress, you can install your theme. There are many free themes that you can use or you can look at purchasing a premium one for a more unique site. Next, you will be designing your website by tweaking the theme, adding your pages, menus and adding your branding. Finally, you can now start writing your blogs. Aim for around 10 blog posts before you launch your site so that there is plenty of content for visitors to explore. Make sure that you don’t try and aim for perfection as you need to release your blog for it to make any money.


How To Make Money 

Blogs make money in a variety of different ways. You can place ads on your website through companies such as Google Adsense or MediaVine. MediaVine requires a minimum of 50,000 sessions per month but offer a much better rate of pay. You may want to wait until you get accepted by MediaVine before placing ads on your site. Another way you can earn money is by recommending products and services to your audience, this is called affiliate marketing. Companies such as Amazon pay you a commission for referrals. Other ways to make money could be offering products or services from your website.


How To Get Started

Think about what you are passionate about or something you would like to learn. Ensure that this topic is something you are happy talking about for the next few years so you will keep motivated to work on your blog. There are lots of skills to learn so be patient with yourself, be consistent and keep uploading content to your blog.