As more and more businesses require an online presence there are increasing opportunities to earn money online. A simple way to get some extra cash is by testing websites.


What is Website Testing?

There are companies that offer cash for testing websites. Website testing requires you to talk through your thoughts while you browse a website and this provides helpful feedback for businesses to make any tweaks. The company provides specific instructions for what you need to do while you are completing the test. You may be navigating to a specific area of the website or commenting on the branding and design.



What You Need

You will need a laptop or computer to take part in testing websites, although there is an ever-increasing number of tests that are available on mobiles devices. You may need a headset but it may not be necessary if your audio is good enough.


What Skills You Need

Most people will possess the necessary skills to complete website testing. You will need to be comfortable talking through your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. You will be required to take and pass a short test first in order to apply for jobs. This will give you a good idea of what website testing is all about and if it feels like a good fit for you. Be sure to read through all the instructions before you take the test.



Where To Find Jobs

Websites such as User Testing offer cash for testing websites. Find and join as many as you can if you like the idea of this side-hustle. This gives you a better shot at making money as sometimes tests can be sporadic or you may not be eligible for certain tests.


How Much Does it Pay?

Website testing can be quite lucrative. User Testing, for example, offers pay rates of $4 for a 5-minute test, $10 for a 20 minutes test and between $30 – $120 for live interviews. If you have several tests per day or per week this can certainly add a nice extra income stream for you.