If you are a bit crafty and enjoy making things chances are you could probably sell your wares online.  People love purchasing one of a kind items for special occasions and personalised items are especially popular. Let’s have a look at how to make money online by selling your crafts.


What Could You Make?

The possibilities are endless for what you could make to sell. If you like making jewellery, perhaps you could create a small collection. Or you could create original art and sell the prints with an upsell option to add a nice frame. Maybe you love knitting or crocheting and can offer personalised clothing or accessories. From soap making to crafting with resin, there’s certainly something to pique your interest if you like making things with your hands.



Where To Sell

People are so used to buying things online now so there are a plethora of options where you can sell your wares. Etsy is a good choice as it’s a well-known marketplace for handmade items. You can have your own shop for free and the selling fees are reasonable. Folksy is also a place where handmade items sell. If you have more time you can even sell your handmade items from your own website with Shopify or Woocommerce plugins. You could consider selling on eBay but take into consideration that people use this website to get a bargain. If you are trying to reach a wide audience why not use all these options.


Things To Think About

People often consider starting a craft business after they have made items for their own occasions such as for a wedding. But it’s important to treat it like a business right from the start. It’s a good idea to time yourself making your items to make sure that you are not working long hours and only earning a couple of pounds for your efforts. Or worse, making a loss. Also, keep a log of how much your materials, packaging, and postage costs are so you can add this into your costs so you are pricing appropriately.




After you have lovingly made your crafty creations you will want to package them up nicely. Think about what you will include in the package. You could add a business card, a little thank you card or a cheap thank you gift. And next, you will need to consider how to wrap your item or whether to use a box or a bag. There are many eco options available now, such as recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Don’t forget to take into account the shipping costs when you are pricing your items. If you are selling heavy or bulky items then the costs can add up.


How Do You Get Started?

Spend some time to think about what you already enjoy making. Ask yourself if this could be something you could mass sell. Research online to see what is already selling well. Get yourself a nice notebook and doodle some of your designs and plan your next exciting venture. You could even create a blog and document your journey.